About Us

Complete Control Solutions has just begun its formation but many of the industrial skills have been developed through previous employments.

Our combined food and dairy experience exceeds 20 years and combined with previous programming and engineering experience our ability to deliver quality on time solutions for your business can be guaranteed. Individually we have worked with other facilities and have fostered many mutually beneficial relationships, where producers have come to rely on our abilities for their continued production. We believe given the opportunity we would be able to gain that trust and relationship with your company. We service a large selection of software and hardware solutions for all type of industrial needs. Complete Control Solutions is dedicated to building long-term business relationships by providing reliable and trusted resources for your company's automation control needs.

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Industries Served

Somethings we specialize in

  • Milk Pasteurizer
  • Clean in Place System
  • Silos
  • Mix Proof Valve cluster
  • and more...

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